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Transform enterprise data into actionable information. Make more informed, timely decisions to help significantly improve performance. With the Blackboard Analytics™ platform, you’ll have easy, self-service access to data that matters. You’ll reap the benefits of data warehousing, reporting, and dashboards while avoiding technical pitfalls found in other solutions.

With tools like this, we can build a better education experience by fostering a culture of data-informed decision making.

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Watch an introduction to Blackboard Analytics.

About Blackboard Analytics

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Webinar: Introduction to Blackboard Analytics (44:00)

Blackboard Analytics offers a comprehensive suite of packaged analytics applications, each consisting of:

  • Data warehouse with robust, dimensional data models and OLAP cubes
  • Pre-built data integration with leading student information and learning management systems, including PeopleSoft, Ellucian Banner, Ellucian Colleague and Blackboard Learn
  • Extensive data transformation process
  • Pre-built reports and dashboards

Blackboard Analytics applications can be quickly deployed within weeks and
cost-effectively customized to meet your institution’s unique requirements.

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Webinar: Dr. Stephen Grieco, Chief Academic Officer, West Campus of Montgomery County Community College, discusses effective academic decision making.

Blackboard Analytics Student Management Suite

Identify at-risk populations for early intervention. Align recruiting strategies and institutional aid awards with enrollment and retention objectives. Discover vital new insights into your student population. Manage course loads and class utilization. Allocate resources more effectively.

Blackboard Analytics offers two product modules that work together to support the challenges of the academic affairs and enrollment management offices: Student Management and Financial Aid.

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Blackboard Analytics for Learn

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Blackboard Analytics for Learn™ combines the extensive data from Blackboard Learn™ with student and course attributes from your SIS/ERP to create comprehensive reports and dashboards for your students, instructors, staff and leadership.

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Blackboard Analytics for Finance

Arm your institution with the facts necessary to support strong financial leadership and stewardship. With the Blackboard Analytics Finance module you’ll have quick, self-service access to financial reporting and user-friendly analytics that go beyond the basics. You’ll be able to improve your planning and prioritization process and make significant improvements in all aspects of finance.

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Open Up Your Donor Pipeline

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Create targeted messaging that resonates more effectively with your contributors. With the Blackboard Analytics Advancement module you’ll have easy, self-service access to all the data you need to make informed decisions and focus your advancement efforts in a more productive direction.

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