Webinars & Demos

As with any new district process, system or program, the effectiveness of your mobile app is going to be largely measured by adoption. Hear from districts who have already launched to learn their tips and tricks, and avoid any trial and error. This webinar will explore strategies and tips for getting the word out to your parents and learning community about your new district mobile app, including how to drive downloads early, and how to keep that momentum from launch day going!
Location: WebEx
Date: 11/12/2014 3:30:00 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))
E-Rate is changing. The recent E-Rate modernization order from the FCC redefines E-Rate funding priorities in a manner that will impact the out-of-pocket costs for web hosting at your district or school. Blackboard understands the value that district and school websites provide to parents, students and your entire K-12 community, and we want to help. Join us for this webinar, where you'll learn:
  • Specifics about E-Rate funding changes
  • New trends emerging in school-to-home communication
  • Ideas for re-evaluating your existing communication strategy to incorporate new trends
We will also provide an introduction and overview of "Bb-Rate" - our commitment to helping schools and districts navigate E-Rate changes to find the best solution for engaging learning communities.
Location: WebEx
Date: 12/10/2014 3:30:00 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))