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Blackboard K-12 Videos

Conversations with Blackboard K-12 Clients

Districts Save Resources and Improve Outcomes Learn how three institutions have successfully reduced costs by publishing online, providing online professional development for teachers, and streamlining administrative processes.

Multiple District Perspectives on Driving Student Success
Discover how several districts across the country have boosted student engagement and improved communication with parents through innovative technology initiatives using Blackboard's K-12 solutions.

IDEAL - NM: K20+ Education System (K12, Higher Education, and State Employee Training)
Hear how the state leverages technology to deliver quality online instruction across the entire state to every student.

Albuquerque Public Schools – Education 360
Find out how Albuquerque Public Schools are wrapping educational resources around students 24/7.

Mooresville Graded School District's Digital Conversion
Check out Mooresville Graded School District where Blackboard is the glue that holds their “digital conversion” together.

Mooresville Graded School District Increases Parental Involvement
See how Mooresville Graded School District has increased parental involvement and insight through their implementation of Blackboard teaching, learning and communication solutions.


Superintendent Perspective on Learn for K-12
Superintendents are realizing the need to close the gap between the way students live and the way they learn. Listen to their perspectives about the digital natives in their schools and districts and how technology affects teaching and learning in K-12.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning with Susan Patrick
Susan Patrick, President and CEO of iNACOL, shares information about how Blended Learning through online learning providers such as Blackboard help accelerate student achievement.

Blended Learning Models
Education leaders from Calcasieu Parish Public Schools, Fairfax County Public Schools, and speak out about the evolution of blended learning in their schools.

Online Discussion Boards Enhance Classes at Minnetonka Public Schools
Minnetonka Public Schools are using Blackboard discussion boards to extend classes online after the school day is complete.

Online Credit Recovery

Littleton High School Students use Blackboard for Graduation Requirements
Learn how Blackboard is helping high school students in Littleton, Colorado to complete graduation requirements and adhere to diverse learning needs.

Credit Recovery Programs
District leaders from North Kansas City School District, the Florida Virtual School, Albuquerque Public Schools, and Calcasieu Parish Public Schools discuss the need for credit recovery programs and what steps they have taken to develop such opportunities for their students through the Blackboard platform.

Online Professional Development

Online Professional Development
District leaders continue to struggle to provide quality professional development opportunities to their teachers and administrators without pulling educators away from the students for extended periods of time. Learn how JeffCo Public Schools, Calcasieu Parish Public Schools, and The Shultz Center for Teaching and Learning are using the Blackboard solutions to host and measure professional development opportunities online for their staff.

Polk County Brings Professional Development Online
Bringing Professional Development online as saved Polk County significant amounts of money and has allowed their administrators to offer professional training to over 3,000 teachers throughout the county. Learn more about their school district.

Virtual Schools

Extending Districts by Establishing Virtual Programs
Hear from North Kansas School District, JeffCo Public Schools, and Fairfax County about their virtual schools.

Student Perspectives

Listen to students speak about their educational experiences! A number of students from school districts across the country share their personal stories about online learning.

Blackboard Student Panel from Blackboard World 2009
Listen to students who recently attended Blackboard World 2009. These students were part of a panel where they were given the opportunity to speak about their uses of Blackboard throughout their classes.

First Grade Use of Blackboard Learn at Fairfax County Public Schools
Sara, a first grader from Fairfax County Public Schools, explains how she uses Blackboard. Thanks to Fairfax’s Michelle Crabill for the video contribution.

Client Developed Courses Through Blackboard

East Hill Elementary Library
Take an online tour with Ms. Koch through her library site at East Hill Elementary School. Watch how she uses the site to foster a love of reading in her students, inspire them to be information seekers, and provide a place online to display the work they take so much pride in.

West Genesse High School AP World History
Join Rob Leo at West Genesse High School and learn how he uses Blackboard in his AP World History class to better manage contact with his students as well as offer more learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom.


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