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Blackboard Architects the Mobile Campus

Send your students a survey to ask about their mobile preferences. Now ask your website team for a trend report showing how many site visitors are using mobile web browsers instead of laptop or desktop browsers.

Those two activities will tell you all you need to know. Your students are already mobile - and they want the same from your institution.

Does your institution offer a mobile campus?

Over 300 institutions worldwide rely on Mosaic by Blackboard. Nearly 1 out of 3 higher ed institutions with a mobile app in iTunes® or the Android™ Market asked Blackboard for help in building their mobile campus.

By utilizing Mosaic by Blackboard you can improve the campus experience by giving your students and faculty instant access to campus life and services right from their mobile phone. Anytime, anywhere, they can easily check bus schedules, campus maps with building tours, events calendars, service office hours and faculty and staff directories. They can also access course content, see their grades, read assignments, participate in discussions, collaborate with instructors and much more. Plus, you can integrate your own institution’s services like access to library resources, campus placement office databases or registration and student financial systems.

Assess your institution on mobile communication

To further the experience, the Blackboard Connect™ platform helps administrators and faculty communicate more efficiently with students, alumni and the community using text, recorded voice and social media messages. So your reach can extend far beyond campus.

Learn how to build your mobile campus by contacting Blackboard today.


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Hear Northwestern University students talk about the importance of mobility (3:12)

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