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Campus Security Starts With Technology & Expertise

Assess your institution on mobile communication

Whether it’s theft or extreme weather—sometimes, unfortunate circumstances find their way onto campus. When a real crisis strikes you need to know your community has the most effective alert and communication system.

The Blackboard Connect™ solution delivers on this promise with 99.99% uptime, 96%+ customer base satisfaction and nearly 1 billion messages sent in calendar year 2010 alone.

Blackboard Connect is the leading Public and Emergency Notification System in Higher Ed [1]

With Blackboard Connect you’ll have an easier, more effective way to inform, update and involve your community with targeted, relevant messages. Students, faculty, and community can go to a centralized database and enter their preferred mode of communication—text, voice, email, or social media. Later when a message or alert needs to be sent out, safety officers can quickly and efficiently send a tailored message—in a matter of minutes. They can see who received it and when. So you know everyone was notified.

Connect TipTxt empowers student and staff to help campus police improve safety

With TipTxt, you can use 2-way SMS texting to address security problems on campus. Provide an outlet for tips related to the growing dilemma of college student suicide, empower students to report other students who are exhibiting concerning mental health issues or behavior, allow fans to report rowdy or aggressive conduct during sporting events, and collect information to help solve campus crimes.

Blackboard Transact is the leading physical access and monitoring security system among North America Higher Ed institutions

Through the Blackboard Transact™ platform your security team can be more effective. They could key in on a suspected larcenist, monitor crowd control, and much more. You’ll have everything from security to revenues covered with Blackboard Transact. Networked physical building access, security cameras and alert systems working together can provide a blanket of assurance across campus.

See how Blackboard can help you improve your campus security by speaking with a Blackboard specialist today.

[1] Campus Computing Survey 2010 results, Kenneth C. Greene


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