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Student Orientation: The Right Start Can Ensure a Better Finish For Every Student

First year retention is key to long-term success—both for your students and your institution. Students today are likely to have a concurrent job, live off campus, or care for a family. Getting them comfortable with their education-life balance quickly and efficiently will yield improved retention and graduation.

By utilizing Blackboard solutions, Enrollment Officers and Student Life Officers can speed and improve new students’ orientation to this new life balance, get them comfortable in an age of self-paced and peer-to-peer social learning, and increase student satisfaction while decreasing service costs:

Blackboard Student Servicesâ„ 

Blackboard Student Servicesâ„  helps students to get started in self-paced online or blended courses by responding to drop-out early warning flags, and assistance with basic LMS, financial aid or registration questions.

Blackboard Learn™ Student Orientation Course

The Blackboard Learn™ Student Orientation Course offers a pre-packaged and customizable, professionally-developed student orientation course shell for first year students to help them quickly assimilate to the Blackboard Learn LMS so they get comfortable with doing the essential basics efficiently.

Blackboard Mobile™

Blackboard Mobile™ gives students the convenience of instant access to student services like bus schedules, campus maps, campus news and other campus services —anytime, anywhere—from their mobile phones.

Blackboard Collaborate™

Blackboard Collaborate™ helps personalize the learning experience even when students and instructors are separated by miles and lets first year students discover campus services that can ease their transition.

Speak with a Blackboard specialist who can share how others have improved the first year student experience.


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Northwest University and Blackboard Mobile VideoPlay Media

Watch how Northwestern University’s mobile app helps students acclimate to a school-life balance (3:12)

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