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Financial Aid Solutions That Service More Students at Lower Costs, with Less Headaches

Financial Aid Officers are fighting a workload war. With enrollments increasing and tuition costs spiraling, the demand for student financial aid is higher than ever. Meanwhile, today’s students have different and higher expectations— consumer expectations - of servicing from your Financial Aid office. They want self-service access to Financial Aid information — anytime 24/7/365.

It’s also important to find out whether the discretionary financial aid disbursement funds pool is being used to attract the incremental student or retain an at-risk student, rather than just supporting a student who would have enrolled anyway.

Most Financial Aid Officers aren’t blessed with the budget and technical staff to handle the change management necessitated by these increasing demands.

Blackboard Solutions Help Financial Aid Officers Win The Workload War

Blackboard solutions, such as Blackboard Student Servicesâ„  offers fast ROI solutions like our automated Financial Aid Tracker and our outsourced financial aid help desk services to provide a different path to success for Financial Aid Officers. And the Blackboard Analytics platform™ helps Financial Aid Officers find clear answers to see if Financial Aid resources are being used in the most optimized manner to grow enrollments and promote retention. You’ll be able to manage your workflow more efficiently, offer students more options, and add more to your bottom line.


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