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Admissions Solutions That Get Them Interested and Get Them Enrolled

Assess your institution on admissions practices

Admissions Officers not only face the challenge of attracting more students to fill larger enrollment quotas, but are increasingly asked to do so with progressive marketing budget cuts.

Plus, incoming students are different today than they were just 3 years ago. They’re more mobile and more socially connected. They’re more likely to be non-traditional working professionals and part-time, off-campus learners. And, their technology and service expectations are higher. They want self-service and they want to be communicated with differently than their predecessors from just 3 years ago.

Admissions Officers need new tools to reach and relate to today's prospective students

Communicate with on-the-go students

With mobility solutions like Blackboard Mobile™ and Blackboard Connect™, Admissions Officers can reach and communicate with students more effectively—through the devices they live on.

Easily Identify successful applicants

Blackboard Analytics™ can help Admissions Officers realize which feeder schools and programs are more likely to yield net new enrollments and which are more likely to yield graduates that don’t drop out.

Keep in touch with prospective students

Blackboard Student Servicesâ„  can help Admissions Officers improve prospective student inquiry handling at lower per incident costs than in-house staffing, with better metrics transparency.


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Watch how Texas A&M University uses Blackboard Mobile to attract new students (0:48)

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