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A Mass Notification System For All Your Needs

Our Blackboard Connect mass notification system can do-it-all:

ROI playbook

Download the Playbook: ROI In the Courts System (PDF)

Increase Revenue

Millions go uncollected annually by municipalities and counties across the country, but what if there was an easy and inexpensive way to recoup lost revenue? By simply notifying and reminding citizens, local governments can:

  • Collect on unpaid parking tickets and traffic fines
  • Clear outstanding warrants from municipal courts
  • Remind constituents of overdue utilities bills
  • Reduce costs of labor intensive manual notifications

Success Stories

VIDEO: Watch a quick demo of Blackboard Connect.

Emergency Notification

Can you quickly and confidently alert your entire community in just minutes? Rely on Blackboard Connect’s securely provided speed, capacity and reliability.

Receive features that include:

  • Unparalleled speed and capacity—3.2 million calls, 1.8 million emails, and 1.8 million text messages per hour
  • Anywhere, anytime messaging with iPhone and Android apps
  • Geographic targeting tools
  • Automated weather alerts
Blackboard Connect for Customer Outreach


Non-Emergency Notification

Blackboard Connect’s mass notification solution provides unlimited messages and tools specifically designed for broad and targeted notifications to easily engage citizens.

A key feature is:

  • Fully customizable MyConnect web portal to help notify citizens
  • Group subscriptions and message preferences
  • ConnectTxt—two-way text messaging
  • Recipient-specific, mass messaging

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