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Managed Hosting Services

Reliability, security, scalability, agility and availability are all reasons cited for choosing managed hosting.

Managed Hosting

Focus on What You Do Best: Teaching & Learning

If you're like most colleges and universities, you'd rather focus your attention on delivering effective learning that impacts business goals than dealing with the technology behind your programs. It's why more and more of our clients are turning to Blackboard Managed Hosting. We guarantee you'll stay up and running, while reducing the burden on your IT staff.

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Capture the Full Value of Your Implementation

We recognize that it takes more than software or hardware alone to guarantee the success of your training initiatives. It takes careful planning and exceptional execution. That's why we offer a wide range of customized consulting engagements designed to capture the full value of your implementation. Our certified experts will work with you throughout your project lifecycle to understand your specific needs.

We have developed unique consulting engagements with the needs and requirements of professional and career colleges and universities in mind.

  • AttendancePro – Provides a variety of ways to track educational attendance and engagement, allowing schools to report back on Title IV funding questions
  • RetentionPro – Evaluates the issues of student persistence and retention from two different perspectives. By identifying primary student risk drivers and overlaying these results with a business process review that evaluates institutional capabilities in competency areas with proven impact on retention, Blackboard is able to identify where there is room to make the greatest and swiftest impact on student retention. With our breadth and depth of experience in educational best practices, we offer a customized gap analysis and recommend a tailored path forward to help an institution effectively engage with their at-risk students and help see them through to graduation.
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Capabilities for a Successful Online Program

Online Program Management

Increase the Quality, Scale & Economic Impact of your Online Programs

Blackboard has developed a strategic approach build around the key capabilities needed for a successful online program, and we customize our solution to your needs. We then employ proprietary rubrics, benchmarks and self-assessments to drive the process, define the solutions, and gauge readiness to execute against five capabilities: Planning & Development, Curriculum & Courses, Enabling Technologies, Marketing & Recruitment, and Student Support.


Empower Your Faculty & Staff

In order to ensure success of your learning programs, technology adoption is essential. To drive adoption, we'll train your administrators, faculty and staff so they can teach others about its features and functionality. We've developed a number of courses and workshops designed to bring their Blackboard skills to the next level, with options ranging from online courses or onsite delivery, to regional training and licensed training materials.

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