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Products and Services for Professional & Career Colleges & Universities

Learning Management Software

Learning Delivery

  • Deliver media-rich, engaging courses on an intuitive, easy-to-use platform
  • Enable social learning and interaction with discussion boards, wikis, blogs and group workspaces
  • Evaluate learning with a comprehensive array of question types to create targeted assessments

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Web Conferencing Software

Collaborative Learning

  • Deliver engaging and effective virtual classes
  • Facilitate interactive group work and collaboration
  • Integrate with a variety of LMSs

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Mobile Learning Software

Mobile Learning & Outreach

  • Provide a two-way mobile teaching and learning experience
  • Enable announcements to students by faculty and staff
  • Provide on-demand access to essential campus information

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Analytics Software


  • Transform data into actionable information in order to make informed decisions
  • Support the joint challenges of the enrollment management and financial aid offices
  • Powered by extensive data transformation process, and packaged with pre-built reports and dashboards

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Student Services

Student Services

  • Deliver round-the-clock online learning support to students and faculty
  • Convert more enrollments and drive institutional growth
  • Give students what they want with self-service options

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Financial Aid Fulfillment

Finanical Aid Fulfillment

  • Improve student financial aid disbursement
  • Protect students by eliminating overdraft exposure, PIN debit fees, and fees for check/card replacements
  • Named ‘Best Government-Funded Prepaid Program’ by the Paybefore Awards—the world's most prestigious prepaid award.

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Multi-Modal Alerts and Notifications Software

Multi-Modal Alerts & Notifications

  • Send critical messages to students and faculty quickly via the channels they prefer
  • Proactively reach at-risk students with meaningful and personalized notifications
  • Initiate instant two-way communications with prospective students

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Education Services Image

Education Services

  • Get help in planning, designing, implementing, and managing an effective online learning program from start to finish
  • Leverage a trusted Managed Hosting provider for maintaining your Blackboard platforms
  • Ensure success of your implementations with a holistic set of training services

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