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Product Features

Course Delivery

Effectively Engage Learners

Course delivery technology is at the heart of Blackboard Learn for Associations. Engage your members and employees with the proven course delivery platform used by over 20 million people a day.

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Content Management

Manage Content Association-Wide

Blackboard makes it easy for you to create, manage and share content with your entire membership base. Our open platform allows for inclusion of numerous file formats, multi-media applications, and plug-and-play resources from off-the-shelf content providers. And our central repository makes it easy to update, maintain and control access to your content over time.

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Community Engagement

Expand Learning Opportunities

It has become clear that most learning happens informally. Therefore, it is necessary to deploy social learning as part of your overall learning strategy. Blackboard Learn’s powerful collaboration and communications tools enable you to harness the power of informal learning both within a formal training course setting, as well as within member-led communities of practice and interest groups.

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Outcomes Assessment

Accurately Measure Results

Understanding the impact your learning programs have on members is critical to gauging the value your association is providing. Blackboard Learn for Associations provides a powerful platform of tools that support the entire cycle of assessment and evaluation. You’ll have the data you need to make informed decisions, and powerful reports that give you immediate insight into how your programs are performing.

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Value by Association
White Paper

Learn how associations can use continuous learning programs to increase member retention while improving their bottom line.
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Disappointed by Formal Training White Paper

Find out how informal learning can foster engagement by providing an environment that encourages the free flow of knowledge and ideas.
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Blackboard ProSites

All the details on Blackboard’s solution for associations with smaller-scale learning needs.
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