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  • BITS: Be a Trail Blazer in the Digital Age: Tech Tools to Help Your Students Blaze their Personalized Path

    Monday, April 21, 2014 3:30 PM US Eastern

    Think of the great trailblazers throughout history, all have produced amazing results despite impossible odds. Some might say educators are up against difficult times and feel their attempts at progress are fruitless. Join educators willing to share innovative technology to help you know your students, personalize their paths and adjust their course when needed. You too can become a trailblazer and mark your path through uncharted territory. Enroll arrow

  • Managed Hosting 101 - Overview of Managed Hosting Resources & Processes

    Friday, April 25, 2014 11:00 AM US Eastern

    General overview of the major MH processes. Reviewed will be the processes surrounding the best utilization of the various resources available to you. • What you should consider when upgrading. • What are patches? • Archiving what, when and why? • Managing your contracted disk usage. • Working with and building a strong partnership with support. Enroll arrow

  • BITS: Blackboard Tools that Can Help Meet the Common Core State Standards

    Monday, April 28, 2014 3:30 PM US Eastern

    Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA) is one of many K-12 schools making the shift to offering courses that meet the Common Core State Standards. Blackboard has several tools that can be used to incorporate the higher level thinking skills, collaboration opportunities, speaking and listening skills, and the mathematical practices into online courses. This session will review some of those tools, how IDLA provides professional development on those tools, and share some examples of how the tools are used in currently offered online courses to meet the Common Core State Standards. Enroll arrow

  • Transforming K-12 District Communication by Going Mobile

    Wednesday, April 30, 2014 2:00 PM US Eastern

    New options and opportunities with mobile technology are opening doors to new and exciting ways for schools and districts to communicate and engage with their parents, students, and communities. For Nixa Public Schools, adding a mobile component to their communications strategy enabled them to meet the demands of their changing community in an efficient and effective way. Join us for a discussion with Zac Rantz, Chief Communications Officer at Nixa Public Schools, as he shares insight into their mobile transformation. Enroll arrow

  • BITS: Instructional Focus Guides: Curriculum, Pacing, and Resource Support

    Monday, May 05, 2014 3:30 PM US Eastern

    Sarasota County Schools are using Blackboard to give teachers a location for curriculum, pacing and resource support. Curriculum Specialists, Technology Specialists and teachers are working together to create grade level and subject resources. The guide that is the backbone for these courses has been derived from state testing and data gathered from district created benchmark tests delivered through our learning management system. Teachers K-12 will have access to either an elementary, middle or high school Instructional Focus Guide course. These courses have a variety of resources available across multiple disciplines. Content is organized for ease of navigation and access.  Teachers can use these courses as a pacing and resource guide for themselves or add students and assignments to it for a blended learning environment. Enroll arrow

  • BITS: Professional Development for Teachers on Blackboard to Flip, Blend and Go Virtual Using Blackboard in their Classroom

    Monday, May 12, 2014 3:30 PM US Eastern

    Arlington Public Schools is fully engaged in developing Virtual@APS to meet new state requirements for all students to have passed a fully virtual course before graduation. To provide teachers with tools to implement this we run cohorts through an 8 week, facilitated, fully online course that covers everything required and models the tools they will use with their students. Graduates are then enrolled in a Bb organization that becomes their PLC and furthers the cause with best practices and shared unit and lesson plans. This process will be presented and discussed. Enroll arrow

  • Blackboard and the Flipped Learning Classroom - A Perfect Match

    Monday, June 09, 2014 3:30 PM US Eastern

    Blackboard Learn™ is the perfect vehicle to support flipped learning classrooms (and other blended learning classrooms). Participants will discuss the flipped classroom model and how Blackboard Learn can enhance the student’s experience. Increasing student interactions; timely formative and summative assessments; more effective student/parent feedback; organized video, text and interactive content are just a few of the ways Blackboard Learn can improve the class. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the presenter’s class. Additionally, the presenter will discuss how Blackboard Collaborate™ is used to provide an interactive, online classroom experience. Enroll arrow