Student Retention

A Nationwide Problem

The 2013 Inside Higher Ed Survey of College and University Business Officers found that ninety two percent of business officers say "retaining current students is a very important strategy to increase revenue in the near future." But many colleges and universities struggle with where to start or how to create a holistic approach to improving student retention.

Blackboard can help.

Blackboard's Data Driven Retention Services are a set of services that can meet your needs no matter how complex. We can help with strategic planning for improved holistic student retention practices. We can work with you to transform your existing data analytics to dashboards and programs to drive improvement. We can also jump in and quickly deploy student outreach campaigns.

Define Your Holistic Vision:

Blackboard's Retention Framework and Strategy guides the institutional leadership through a framework to benchmark strengths and weaknesses and recommends a holistic approach to improve retention practices driving financial benefits and competitive wins. Within the recommendations will be a focus on how to leverage the institution’s existing technology capabilities to further retention efforts across staff and faculty, including Blackboard and non-Blackboard technologies.

Make it data driven:

Blackboard's Retention Dashboard & Program Strategy delivers the most comprehensive student risk profiling and is designed to maximize your current student analytics capabilities by training and designing retention reports and dashboards to set teams up for success. Through data analysis and evaluation of the current programming, Blackboard provides programming recommendations based on likelihood of student success and a recognition of institutional resource capabilities.

Deliver Immediate Feedback:

Blackboard's Student Welcome Call Program and Student Re-registration Call Program provide institutions a wealth of data on incoming freshman or returning students to target and engage discreet student populations based on risk profiling and enrollment status. These solutions are quick to implement, cost effective and provide powerful return on investment while allowing the institution to focus limited internal resources on students where they will have the highest impact

No other partner has the experience in higher education or the breadth and depth of support services, technology and analytics.

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