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Education's Leaders. Brilliant Thinking.
Powerful New Solutions.

Dr. Freeman Hrabowski,
President of the UMBC

Changing attitudes about math and science through technology.
Julie Young, President & CEO,
Florida Virtual School

Using technology to close the gap between how students live and learn.
Marc Ecko, Fashion Designer & Founder,Sweat Equity Education
Building a better education experience through applied learning.

Together, Blackboard and NBC Learn celebrate education’s leaders and their contributions with Solutions in Action – an inspiring series of video interviews that highlight who is succeeding and how they’re doing it.

NBC News Chief Education Correspondent Rehema Ellis sits down with education innovators who are using technology in new ways to create solutions that work. She’ll introduce you to thought leaders such as Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, President of UMBC, Julie Young, President and CEO of Florida Virtual Schools, Marc Ecko, fashion designer and founder of Sweat Equity Education, and others.

You’ll hear how these individuals are taking unique perspectives and leveraging technology in new ways to solve the challenges educators face every day. Join us as we look through a different lens and uncover the ideas to build a better education experience.